Mar 10

Mom’s Follow Up Death Announcement

“You know Sean, you don’t have to worry about me. You and your brother did everything I would expect from you.” Mom - on our last day together in this realm. 2/26/22

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Thank you everyone who has communicated with us, supported us, and cried with us during our initial days of grieving Mom’s passing.

We have been encouraged to proceed with a funeral mass. That will take time due to logistical concerns. We should have an announcement this week with regards to when and where. Preference is currently for holding it on Saturday, March 19, at Saint Mary Catholic Church of Williamston, Michigan. She worshipped there previously. We will stream the service to enable those to join us remotely.

Please see the following link for Mom’s memorial page. We invite you to share your grief with us.

Please, if you are called to share with us through comments, emails, texts or calls or even FaceTime and Zoom we will make ourselves available to you. We are in possession of Mom’s phone, so text her or call her at 517-375-4449. We will also respond to messages through Facebook and other platforms as soon as we can, but please be patient.

Mom was a caring person with a lot of spirit. Unfortunately towards the end she was too hard on herself and would rarely initiate contact through the means available to her.

We find this is a common theme in our experience with others. We hold an accounting of when we call someone versus when they call us.

If you’re grieving with us, we’re available.

The most valuable life is one of honesty, purity, unselfishness, and love.

We can miss the mark, and frequently do. But you’ll always miss what you never aim for.

Thank you,

The Dowd Family